Double Decker Bus Hire

We have a range of double decker buses, ranging from 72 to 80 seats. All our double decker buses come fitted with seatbelts.

Double decker buses are a great way to save money, due to the amount of seats and are especially good for school trips.

If you are planning a school trip and you need to take 2 classes, this is about 60 children and adults, why pay for 2 coaches, when you can just use 1 double decker bus. We all know that money is tight these days, so instead of not being able to complete these trips, use our double decker buses, saving money and enjoy these days out. We offer a professional service with friendly smart drivers.

Our double decker buses are not solely for school hire, we hire lots of these buses for a range of private hires. If you have lots of people you wish to move, and you dont want to be in separate vehicles, then our double decker buses are the vehicle for you. Our double deckers can be used for lots of different occasions, maybe you are a sports club who wish to have a day out, or a church group. By using our double decker buses, you can all travel on the same vehicle.

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